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☛ As a model our closely supervised students will preform your permanent makeup procedure with a certified trainer. Being a model is a safe process in that our teachers are with the students at all times monitoring their every move. It allows people to take advantage of having permanent make-up at a reduced cost.


☛ Procedures are performed by students who are in training under the strict supervision of our instructors. Procedures are not performed by the instructors. The minimum teacher to student ratio is 1 on 1 per procedure table.


☛ The shape of the eyebrows and lip liner is always drawn on prior to the tattooing procedure. Once you have approved the shape and color we then continue with the actual tattooing.

☛ We are results driven which is why we have invested in a laser made by Quanta Systems; the only laser tattoo removal technology in the world to provide a true three wavelength system. The Quanta which is manufactured in Milan, Italy will not only target black tattoos, but will also provide complete removal for multi-colored tattoos, even the usually tough greens by means of a dedicated Ruby Laser. With precision we can target partial areas of your tattoo, provide lightening for cover-ups or complete removal, leaving your skin clear from any trace. We truly believe in the power of our technology and will guarantee you customised and faster results.

☛ At Ha's Microblading Brows Art your comfort is our priority and we aim to remove the pain from your treatments using an optimised skin cooling system.

☛ Since tattoo removal is a process achieved over time you can be confident that our team will guide you on your journey to recreating the skin you’re in; a process that is likely to be far easier than you think. We look forward to meeting you and providing a free comprehensive consultation.

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